Welcome to the new Living Colorado!

March 31, 2014  •  2 Comments

Autumn Sunrise on Buffalo PeaksAutumn Sunrise on Buffalo Peaks

Welcome to the new home of Living Colorado by Ryan Fonkert Photography!  I'm excited to finally have this site off the ground!  For those of you already familiar with my Ryan Fonkert Photography website, many of these images will seem very familiar, as many of them have already been posted in my Landscapes gallery on that site.  However, this site brings something new.  You see, this site is dedicated solely to my Colorado outdoor photography.  It will contain landscapes, nature & wildlife, mining ruins and ghost towns, and other areas of interest about Colorado.  As such, I will be posting more here than I do over on the other site.  On that site, if I'm kind of on the cusp if an image should make the cut of being added to the portfolio or not, I take the more cautious approach and exclude it.  On this site, though, if I'm on the cusp, I take the other mindset that if it's good enough to consider, it's good enough to include.  It's all about giving you more Colorado here!  So it contains all the landscapes posted over there, but also a lot more.  And here, since the focus is entirely on being about Colorado, I'm fine-tuning the divisions a bit more.  No "Landscapes" gallery here; instead the galleries are divided by mountain ranges, areas of the state, etc., so you'll know exactly what parts of the state the images were taken in.


At the time of this writing, I only have the various landscape and nature/wildlife galleries up, but stay tuned, as in the near future I will be adding some mining ruins/ghost town galleries - some good stuff.  I'm hoping to add another multi-media component by the summer, too, but will have to see what time allows.  Fingers crossed on that one...


All images on this website are for sale.  I don't have the online store setup yet, as I'm still working on finalizing my custom options, but if there is a print you'd like to purchase in the meantime, just shoot me a message through the contact form or call me (# on the contact form).


Lastly, just as kind of a side note, I thought I'd talk about the banner for this blog page, which might seem kind of "lo-fi" compared to most of the other images on this website.  That was an old photo I took up on Quandary Peak back a few years ago, turned into a blog banner before I even did any real processing on it (there is a higher quality, black & white version of the image in one of the galleries here).  It was, and still is, the blog banner for my personal Living Colorado blog, which is just a blog about my outdoor excursions into the mountains and such.  It's been kind of dormant for a while, as I've been more focused on my photography content elsewhere, but I'm hoping to revive it this year along with the launch of this new site.  Anyway, using that blog banner for this blog is kind of my way of tying it altogether, paying respect to the old with the new.  Stay tuned to that blog for trip reports, day-to-day writings about CO, etc.; stay tuned to this one about the photos that come as a result.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new site, and all the new content to come!


Living Colorado
Thanks, Mary! I really appreciate that. Keep riding gravel! It sounds like you're getting in more saddle time than me right now. :(
Hi Ryan!

Morgan and I were just talking about you and your talented photographic journey this past Sunday (while out on gravel). Imagine that. No really, it's hard for me to imagine that. Anyhoo, your site is a wonderful new site and the pictures are beautiful. Nice job with putting it all together. Too much talent to let sleep. It musts be revealed! I look forward to seeing more.

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