Hi, I'm Ryan Fonkert, the photographer.

I've been in love with Colorado ever since I first came out here on a family vacation when I was seven years old. The mountainous beauty captivated me like nothing I had ever seen before. I lived in Minnesota at the time, and at only seven years old, my life's mission became to live in Colorado one day. Well, it took some time, not getting out here until I was twenty-five, but I made it, lovely wife in tow.

We've been out here nearly 15 years now, and now have three lovely girls, two dogs and a cat, and love getting out into the great outdoors as often as we can. We're fortunate to live in the mountains outside Manitou Springs, a very beautiful area. Just stepping outside my house is like stepping into heaven.

My camera is my right hand when I'm off exploring in the mountains. I love to capture the beauty before me and share it with the world. I hope you, too, will enjoy these images and feel the wonder of Colorado that I felt when I made them.

All images are available for purchase, and for businesses, also for lease. To inquire about purchasing or leasing, please contact me via the Contact form.

I also do portrait and event photography. To see some of my portrait work and learn about my services, please visit my other photography site, RyanFonkertPhotography.com.